How do I get a library card?

Library cards are free and available to all Mass residents regardless of the town of residency.  Identification with current address is required.  A piece of mail, a bill, paycheck, passport or check book with current address can be used with identification that does not have a current address.  Parents may use their ID to identify a child. The Minuteman app allows patrons to create an digital card that can be used to check out books.  Patrons must present their cards each time to take out library materials.  The card is accepted in all Minuteman Library Network libraries.

Patrons may also get an e-card online that is good for 6 months. A temporary card number will be issued.  Make it permanent by stopping into a Minuteman Library within that 30 days.

I had a library card but it is lost.  How do I get a replacement?
Show us identification and you can get a replacement card if your record is in good standing. We can also show you how to use our app to put your library card on your smart phone.  We can scan the barcode on your phone each time you take out books.  There is no charge to put your card on your phone.  A password is required. We can set your password or you can do it yourself online.

I thought I knew my password but I guess I don't because I cannot get into my account.  Now what?
You can click the "forgot your password?' link at the login or call us and we will help you over the phone or in person.  Your password is encrypted so we cannot see what it is but we can set it to whatever you would like. 

How long do library items circulate?
Books, TV series, audiobooks, magazines, movies and musical CDs circulate for 3 weeks.  They can be renewed 3 times if no other patron has a hold.  Read It Now books circulate for 3 weeks with no renewals. 

How many items can I take out?
You may borrow up to 99 books, audiobooks, musical CDs or magazines and up to 4 movies in the children's room and up to 8 movies in the adult section (a total of 16) per card.  

How do I renew my books?
Click the "renew my books" button on the left side of our website or on the right side of the catalog search page.  Log into your account using your library card number and your password.  You can renew, pay fees, see what you have out, reserve books, etc.
When renewing, make sure that each item now has a new due date.  Some items cannot be renewed because another patron is waiting or because it has been renewed too many times. 

I lost a book.  How do I pay for it?
If you are still searching for a lost book and wish more time to look, ask us to renew.  If you are sure the book cannot be found, you can pay the retail cost of the book.  If a Holliston book is found in good condition within three months, the cost will be refunded to you upon return of the item.  Some libraries do not refund.  Ask and we can call that library to verify their policy.  

I paid for a book and now I have found it at home?  What do I do?
Bring it in.  If it is in good condition and you paid for it within the last 3 months we will refund your money.  After 3 months the book belongs to you.  If you found a book that belongs to another library, we can call them and determine if they refund. 

I damaged a book.  What should I do?
Accidents happen.  Bring the book to the library and show us the damage.  It might be repairable.  If not, you must pay for the book.

My books are very overdue.  Will I owe a lot of money in fines?
No, we do not charge fines.  If you took the books out at another library and return them to Holliston we will send them along for you.  That library may charge fines.  

I owe fines to another Minuteman Library.  Can I pay them in Holliston?

Yes.  Minuteman libraries accept payment for other libraries' fines.  They are cleared from your record as soon as you pay them.

My books are frequently overdue.  Does the library offer any services to keep track of my due dates and?

Yes.  A receipt can be provided each time you check out with due dates.  You can also provide your email and a notice will be sent two days before items are due to remind you to return or renew.  You can also sign up for text reminders by logging into your account, clicking "edit account" and adding your mobile phone number.   You can use your library card and password 24/7 to log into your account and renew books (even if they are overdue.)  Many books renew automatically if there is no one waiting for that title.   There are also commercial services available not associated with the library such as Library Elf. 

A book I know I returned is still on my record.  What do I do?
Let us know and we will search our shelves to make sure we did not miss it at check-in.  If we cannot find the book we will ask you to check at home and in your car once more.  We can renew the items in most cases to give you more time to search. In some cases we can remove the book from your record.  

I would like to have a meeting at the library.

The Gilman Room is available to non-profit organizations and the conference room is available to individuals and small groups of less than 15.  Book a room online.  Give us a call or email us for more info or to ask us to book the room for you.  

My meeting is virtual or hybrid.
We have video conferencing equipment you can use in the library.  You can also use a DVD player, projector, laptop or screen.

need to use a computer.  Can I print?
Yes.  10 cents per page for black and white and 25 cents per page for color.  Pick all prints up at the main desk.  You must pay for all the prints.  If you need help printing, ask before you press the print button.  Cash or check accepted. 

I would like to use the fax machine and need help.
Faxes are $1 per page.  We are happy to help you send or receive faxes. 

I would like to use the scanner and need help.
We can help you create an image or a PDF file from your documents and attach them to email or print them.  There is no charge.

I need to take a test.  Does the library provide proctoring services?
Yes.  We can assist in taking paper or computer-based tests and provide private, quiet space.  Let us know what we need to do to be accepted as a proctor for your school and make an appointment to take your test.  There is no charge.  We are not able to stay with you during the entire exam but we can time your test and follow your school's rules. 

How do I borrow books the Holliston Library does not own?
Use the catalog button on our web site to search the Minuteman Library Network, a consortium of 41 public and academic libraries.  Use your library card and password to reserve books from other libraries.  They will be delivered to Holliston free of charge and held for 7 business days.  Titles may be returned to any Minuteman library. 

Can I borrow books the Minuteman Library Network does not own?
Yes, use the Commonwealth Catalog to search for books beyond the Minuteman network. There is no charge.  You will need your library card and password. 

A DVD or audio disc I took out skips and freezes.  What should I do?
We have a machine that buffs and repairs scratches.  Bring the disc(s) in and we will repair them while you wait.  Most scratches can be repaired.  We will also repair your personal discs for $2 each.

Can I get magazines from other libraries?
Yes, search the catalog under "journal title."  When you place the reserve it will ask you to pick the issue you want.  Magazines are delivered to Holliston just like books.

What is automatic renewal?
Eligible checked out items renew automatically two days before the due date.  Items are eligible to auto-renew if:

  • There are no holds on the title.
  • The item has not reached its maximum allowed renewals.
  • Your patron card is not blocked or expired.

“Due Date Reminder” emails will tell you which items renewed or check your account online, or with the MLN mobile app.

I am a book club leader.  Can the library get multiple copies of a selected title for my members?

We can!  Use this form to request copies. Your group will have its own spot from which your members can pick up titles and check them out on their library cards.  We will give you extra time so the books are due after your club meets.   We can also recommend titles that are perfect for discussion.  Just ask us.